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Spring Ceramic Drops
These ceramic circular drops scream spring! They are made with Seattle-based clay, which has been fired, then glazed with pink and sprinkled with some glass to make the green inside. ...
Ceramic Swirl Earrings
These organic ceramic earrings are made from a Seattle-based clay, and glazed with in a beautiful brown color. They are hand-stamped in a swirl pattern and set on silver-plated hooks. ...
Glass Depths
Drop earrings made from Seattle-based clay and fired in a kiln with fused glass on top.  Silver-plated long hooks on the 1/2" circle earring. Each of Kate Studio's pieces are ...
Blue in Space
Pendant is ceramic, made with clay from Seattle, and glazed in blue/beige color.  A sapphire colored druzy stone is inset in the middle. Now THAT is a statement piece! The ...