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Robins Egg Blue Earrings and Chocolate Easter gift
Easter is coming and this "chocolates and Jewelry" gift package is the perfect gift for your loved one. This package features fused glass earring in a robin's egg blue with ...
Beyond Basic Earrings
These earrings are truly Beyond Basic! Although grey, white and black truly go with ANY color, they are statement pieces all on their own!  Approx. 3/4" fused glass drops, with ...
Green and gold Earrings
These stunning drop earrings are about 1" with a Kelly Green base and gorgeous, sparkly gold dichroic glass on top. Set on silver-plated hooks. Each of Kate Studio's fused glass ...
Ceramic Swirl Earrings
These organic ceramic earrings are made from a Seattle-based clay, and glazed with in a beautiful brown color. They are hand-stamped in a swirl pattern and set on silver-plated hooks. ...
Rounded Seahawk Earrings
With their blue and green halves, these 3/4" drop earrings are the perfect thing to wear going to a Seahawks game or with just about anything!  Fused glass, with a ...
Blue Water Drop Earrings
These earrings are a breath of fresh air; there is a sense of calm in its color and design. 1/2" drops with silver plated hooks. The fused glass earrings are ...
Tattoo Blue Earrings
These two toned blue fused glass drop earrings are really special, as they have a hand-screen printed design in the middle and gorgeous silver-plated hooks. Each pair of earrings is ...
Glass Depths
Drop earrings made from Seattle-based clay and fired in a kiln with fused glass on top.  Silver-plated long hooks on the 1/2" circle earring. Each of Kate Studio's pieces are ...
It’s All Heart
These drop earrings feature a red top and clear glass bottom and heart inset. The glass was then fused together in a kiln for over 24 hours. These fun earrings ...
Sunset Drop Earrings
These gorgeous 3/4"earrings are clear with a strip of orange dichroic glass on the bottom. Dichroic glass dispays two or more different colors by undergoing a color change in certain ...
Party on my lobe!
These cute little drop earrings are a confetti party for your lobes!  Made from clear and red glass, they have been fused in a kiln for over 24 hours for ...
Black & Honey Drama Drop Earrings
These 3/4" drop earrings have black and honey colored glass and a silver foil inset. When these were fused in a kiln over 24 hours, the silver and honey glass ...