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Seahawk Earrings
With their blue and green halves, these 3/4" drop earrings are the perfect thing to wear going to a Seahawks game or with just about anything!  Fused glass, with a ...
Between the lines
Read between the lines that this pendant is a statement with its predominantly red stripes, delicately encasing a blue strip. The 1" long fused glass necklace has been fired in ...
Red, white and blue!
Let's hear it for the old red, white and blue!  Show your American pride anyday and everyday with this 1" striped fused glass necklace. The chain is silver plated - ...
Pacific Northwest Tree
Feel the nature with this fused glass tree inspired by the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Using different chips of green glass and adventurine, this was fused in a kiln ...
Modern Studs
These tiny 1/4" approx. fused glass studs are black and white and make a modern statement. They go with absolutely everything!
Blue Water Drop Earrings
These earrings are a breath of fresh air; there is a sense of calm in its color and design. 1/2" drops with silver plated hooks. The fused glass earrings are ...
Checker Play
This necklace was made by dropping chopped up colored rods in rows then fusing them in a kiln for 24 hours. Then, the glass was recut again into the square ...
Rainbow Drop
Black drop necklace with rainbow dichroic glass.  Dichroic glass gives great depth in the piece and it displays two or more different colors by undergoing a color change in certain ...
Shimmering honey pendant
This is a 1 1/4" necklace made from honey-colored glass, with black strips and capped with a shimmering clear glass. The necklace is made from a silver plated chain and ...
Reactive Stripes
I had so much fun making this necklace and earring set!  First, I lined up glass rods, rolling reactive glass next to each other to get that silver and gold ...
Pocket Heart
What a wonderful Valentine's Gift "I wish I could take you in pocket so I can take you with me wherever I go"  This 1" square pocket heart features fused ...
Tattoo Blue Earrings
These two toned blue fused glass drop earrings are really special, as they have a hand-screen printed design in the middle and gorgeous silver-plated hooks. Each pair of earrings is ...