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Blue Alliance
Blue Alliance is composed of three glass squares arranged in an upsidedown "L".  It is the perfect pendant to symbolize a group of 3 people who are special to you, ...
Purple Power Studs
These studs go with EVERYTHING!  Created with a purple and black sparkly glass, fired in a kiln for 24 hours and made into earring studs. Stainless steel backings and fused ...
Robins Egg Blue Earrings and Chocolate Easter gift
Easter is coming and this "chocolates and Jewelry" gift package is the perfect gift for your loved one. This package features fused glass earring in a robin's egg blue with ...
Shimmering necklace and chocolate Easter Gift
Easter is coming and this "chocolates and Jewelry" gift package is the perfect gift for your loved one. This package features a fused glass dichroic necklace (approx. 1") with silver ...
Beach Pebbles on Aqua
So organic and beautiful! These fused glass pebbles are actually 3 colors of crushed up glass, fused in a kiln and reacting with one another in the heat. What a ...
“Shine On” necklace
You know what's cool about this piece? The star was a light colored copper foil, and when exposed to the heat of the kiln for 24 hours, it turned this ...
Vibrant Spring Earrings
Bring on the spring with these green and orange drop earrings. They are approx. 3/4" fused glass and silver-plated and look amazing with their vibrant colors!
Beyond Basic Earrings
These earrings are truly Beyond Basic! Although grey, white and black truly go with ANY color, they are statement pieces all on their own!  Approx. 3/4" fused glass drops, with ...
Blue Modern Necklace
This piece is a modern, unique necklace, made with strips of blue glass going horizontally and vertically.  Fused in the kiln for 24 hours to give it this sheen and ...
Sapphire shores earrings
These stunning earrings are made from a clear glass fused to a strip of gorgeous sapphire blue dichroic glass and fused in the kiln together. The shimmer is like the ...
Rainbow Necklace
Life throws challenges and every challenge come with rainbows and lights to conquer it. Let this rainbow necklace be your protector and wear it proudly. Approx. 3/4" fused glass with ...
Dichroic Rainbow Burst
This 1" long fused glass necklace is a basic to any wardrobe, and has a surprise little hit of rainbow goodness with its dichroic burst on its side. The necklace ...