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Red Depths Necklace
This 1" drop necklace features pink and red glass with a dichroic glass inset. Dichroic glass has enormous depth is color and can change color with different lighting. The necklace ...
Whimsical Love
This 3/4" necklace has a white glass base and a copper wire inset and filled with red glass chips. In the heat of the kiln, the copper wire has turned ...
Valentine’s Chaos
This white necklace has random streaks of red glass and dots to make a interesting statement piece. Approx. 3/4" long. The necklace chain is 16" and silver-plated. The necklace bail ...
Love in Chaos
This little mini 3/4" drop necklace has a white background and red streaks of glass across it, and an inset red heart. The necklace chain is 16" and silver-plated. The ...
Loving Statement
This is a statement piece, indeed! Approximately 2" long necklace made with blended red, pink and white fused glass and fired twice in a kiln. The necklace is a threaded ...
Salmon Love
For those that find salmon as magical as I do, I have made a fused glass 1" screenprinted salmon necklace.  The fused glass is turquoise-light blue, with a black screenprint ...
Black Beauty
This 1.5" statement piece is made from black fused glass, with a circle of green and blue dichroic glass in the corner.  The dichroic glass displays 2 or more different ...
Natural Coral Set
Natural Coral earring and necklace set made with colored glass fused in a kiln for 24 hours.  The drop earrings are subtle beiges on silver-plated hooks, and the necklace (approx. ...
Heart on Red Wire
Fused glass heart necklace.  Each one is unique!  Silver plate 16" chain included.
“Running Gold” Necklace
A short description  of the Bracelet
Glass Coral Set
Fused Glass Coral necklace and earring set are sure to make a bold statement.  Free-form to look like real coral. Earrings have turquoise glass bead as well. Sold as a ...
Watercolor Raindrop
This watercolor raindrop has amazing depth of orange, clear and white glass in a free form drop shape. It's been fused in a kiln for 24 hours to give it ...