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Vibrant Spring Earrings
Bring on the spring with these green and orange drop earrings. They are approx. 3/4" fused glass and silver-plated and look amazing with their vibrant colors!
Reactive Stripes
I had so much fun making this necklace and earring set!  First, I lined up glass rods, rolling reactive glass next to each other to get that silver and gold ...
Sunset Drop Earrings
These gorgeous 3/4"earrings are clear with a strip of orange dichroic glass on the bottom. Dichroic glass dispays two or more different colors by undergoing a color change in certain ...
Watercolor Raindrop
This watercolor raindrop has amazing depth of orange, clear and white glass in a free form drop shape. It's been fused in a kiln for 24 hours to give it ...