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Beach Pebbles on Aqua
So organic and beautiful! These fused glass pebbles are actually 3 colors of crushed up glass, fused in a kiln and reacting with one another in the heat. What a ...
Beach Pebbles
Beach Pebbles - a tranquil necklace that evokes memories of lazing in the sun on a sandy beach. This is a really special necklace - 1" approx, fused glass with ...
Blue Water Drop Earrings
These earrings are a breath of fresh air; there is a sense of calm in its color and design. 1/2" drops with silver plated hooks. The fused glass earrings are ...
Checker Play
This necklace was made by dropping chopped up colored rods in rows then fusing them in a kiln for 24 hours. Then, the glass was recut again into the square ...
Salmon Love
For those that find salmon as magical as I do, I have made a fused glass 1" screenprinted salmon necklace.  The fused glass is turquoise-light blue, with a black screenprint ...